Overmyer Hall Associates specializes in Commercial Insurance, Surety Bonds, and Home & Auto Insurance.  We provide a culture that allows our associates to service our clients at the highest levels.  We focus on people, education and markets.

We find, hire and train associates with a high sense of urgency to best serve the client.

Our associates know that they must be educated and understand insurance to properly handle the sophisticated clients we work with.  Insurance is constantly changing and new coverages frequently come out.  We learn these coverages and how they might help our clients.  As well, we are educated on our clients business.  We learn their business so we can understand the risks and help them to transfer, mitigate, or avoid them.

The markets are extremely important.  We can’t deliver a good product to our clients if we don’t have great relationships with our insurance carriers.  We work hard to match up the right type of carrier with the right type of client.  We represent a large number of industry leading carriers so that we can be sure we deliver the right product to you.


Overmyer Hall Associates