Associates come first at Overmyer Hall Associates, and although things have looked very different this year, we’ve strived for our hard-working & nurturing culture to stay alive during these virtual times. We’d like to take a moment here to thank our associates for being incredibly adaptable, positive, and supportive of one another.

Another reason we’d like to express gratitude is for our intern this year, Hall Moore, returning for his second summer. Welcome back parties couldn’t happen for him, but Hall Moore made the most of it. Hall’s collaborative nature, willingness to support any associate, and a positive, enthusiastic approach to learning, made him an absolute asset to the company – again.

We’re eager to share with you his experience, highlighting what makes Overmyer Hall one of the best places to work for young professionals. Let’s see what he had to say.

Q: What ideals or values from Overmyer Hall can you take with you back to school?

A: Over the past two summers, I have learned a lot at OHA. One of the things I have tried to carry over to my life outside of the office is the ideal of creating elated relationships. To me, this means making a positive impact on anyone you interact with. Whether that is being polite to the lady at the grocery store, or simply listening to your friend when they are having a bad day. I want to be able to help those around me and have a smile on my face when doing so.

Q: How has it been being virtual & how did OHA support a socially-distant and remote office?

A: This summer has obviously been different from the last, mainly because there are not as many people in the office. I am someone who enjoys interacting with people, so I was disappointed I wasn’t able to see everyone in the office. That being said, I think OHA was set up well to deal with the whole virtual situation. They are very accommodating and they want to make sure everyone has all that they need at home to be successful and to help their clients. Everybody has a different situation at home, so it has taken some adapting from the staff, but they are doing a great job as usual. Some things might need to be done in the office, and that is when a team member would safely step in and help out.

Q: Whom did you work with the most and how did that person share expertise?

A: I had the pleasure of working with Emilyjo Levy on a handful of projects this summer. This was my first chance to work with Emilyjo, as she was brought in as the Marketing & Business Development Manager right as COVID-19 hit. Although she has yet to experience a normal day in the office, she embodies everything they try to teach at OHA. She is very kind, hardworking, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Her positivity and creativity made it great to work with her.

Q: What was your favorite project and why?

A: One of my favorite projects from this summer was assisting with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Raffle. Since we weren’t able to participate and fundraise for the race as we had planned, the OHA Strong team got creative. They created a raffle that was fueled by donations from OHA employees and their families. Team members were able to buy tickets and put them toward whichever raffle prizes they’d like. All of the money we raised went directly to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! It was great to be a part of those efforts.

Q: Why would an intern want to come back to the same company?

A: When I had the opportunity to come back to Overmyer Hall Associates for the second year, I felt like it was something I couldn’t pass up. The culture here is something special and the values that they hold align well with my own. They have also done a wonderful job of teaching me about insurance from the ground up. I have been able to understand why and how we do things a certain way, rather than being told to just go complete a certain task. So many people in the office have taken time out of their busy schedules to make sure I am learning. To add on to that, OHA connected me with one of their insurance carriers, which allowed me to participate in an internship program for students looking to pursue a career in insurance. I am grateful for all that OHA has done for me.

Thank you Hall for all of the kind words and for everything you helped us accomplish this summer. We know your senior year looks different this year, but we believe you’ve got the spirit to keep powering through. Until next time.

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