Hurricane Irma Claims Info

Cincinnati Insurance Claims Call Center:  1 (877) 242-2544  24/7

 Chubb Claims Call Center: 1-800-252-4670   24/7  or visit and click “Claims.”

We are reaching out to all of our clients to be sure our Florida property owners are provided some important information due to Hurricane Irma.

In the event that Overmyer Hall Associates is not open (i.e. after 5pm or on the weekend) and you need to file a claim, please contact your appropriate carrier claims department from the numbers above.  Otherwise, please reach out to our Personal Lines staff to report your loss (contact information is below).

We also wanted to provide you with some tips:

  • Get prescription medications filled in advance in case pharmacies close or lose power
  • Take photos of belongings inside and outside homes in case insurance claims have to be filed after the storm
  • Keep all important papers (i.e. legal documents, birth certificates, marriage license, financial papers, etc.) in a bank safe deposit box or other off-site storage.  If not able to do so, place items in a waterproof container and store in an interior closet. Or, scan and back up important documents, such as birth certificates, insurance policies and tax records
  • Secure valuables, such as jewelry, in a secure location (inland bank safety deposit box)
  • Secure household items; appliances, including computers, should be unplugged and stored away (small appliances)
  • Clear loose objects (i.e. outside patio furniture, plants, etc.); Close and secure your awnings
  • Reinforce your garage door by backing your car up against the inside of your garage door to help prevent it from “twisting” due to high winds.
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit; items should be stored in watertight container and include items that will sustain you, your family, and your pets for a 72-hour period; Kit should include:  flashlights, extra batteries, portable radio, canned food, fire extinguisher (ABC rated), bottled water, cash, blankets, clothing, toiletries, medications, and a first aid kit
  • Make sure vehicles are road ready, which includes filling up, making sure jumper cables are stowed onboard and having an emergency kit with snacks and water inside
  • Test and refuel your backup generator
  • Have a plan on where to go in case evacuations are ordered;  If unable to leave, identify a “shelter” room in your home; This room should be located on the first floor, in the central part of your home, and with no windows
  • If your home has sustained damage, take steps to prevent further damage; cover roof with tarps and cover windows with plywood; contact your agent or insurance company as soon as possible (via one of the numbers listed above for your specific carrier)

We are here for you.  If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.


Jerri Lough                 614.453.4405

Stephanie Payne         614.453.4413

Jennifer Richey          614.453.9362

Aryn Bates                  614.453.9369

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